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Ellie Goulding and Cindy Crawford

Ellie Jane Goulding was born in Hereford England on December 30 1986. Tracey Goulding Summers employed as a supermarket clerk, and Arthur Goulding, the father of Ellie Jane Goulding, employed as an undertaker. Goulding was the second member of the family is the older sibling of Isabel as well as an older sister called Jordan. Alex is her older brother, and she plays the bass in an Hereford group. When she was young she was surrounded by her mom who encouraged her to become an artist. In the ninth grade when she began learning the clarinet. In her 14th year when she began to write songs. She didn't begin to pursue songwriting until her college period. Goulding was interested in electronic and dance music as she studied. Through MySpace it was possible for her to connect with Frankmusik who assisted her in creating her folktronica. Jamie Lillywhite noticed her and was her manager. Then, he took on the role of A.&R in a talent contest. Lillywhite introduced her to the music prod

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